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Ah you’re watching nge? I love that anime. The way they just [unit01clenches fist] [kaworu splat noise]

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this is from a real diary by a 13-year-old girl in 1870. teenage girls are awesome and they’ve always been that way.

I was literally just thinking of this post this morning.

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stops in the middle of drawing respectable fanart to instead draw hairy losers in modern settings . png

manolo gathers a small collection of scars from close calls in the arena. he shares the stories with Joaquin and occasionally wonders why joaquin doesn’t ever share stories of his own. manolo patches up his own capes whenever he can. granny sanchez makes sure carlos never finds out about it

as far as body types go i’m pretty certain that Joaquin is more heavyset because he’s a soldier and has to be practical [he might be invincible, but that won’t mean anything if he isn’t strong enough to win] whereas with Manolo, function comes second to form

…..i have no excuse for manolo’s clothes but i swear i meant to give joaquin a shirt IT WAS AN ACCIDENT………………………


The Venture Special

Dr Venture: This is why daddy has to DRINK to RELAX, boys!

  • 1 oz. amaretto
  • 1.5 oz. blue curacao
  • 0.5 oz. lime juice
  • Sprite

Serve over ice.

Our Venture Bros. tumbler can be found here.

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so i saw a post about a flower shop that’s right next to a tattoo shop and how the OTP can meet by working in each one xD

so naturally and not at all OOC i went with Tattoo artist Hinata accepting the parlor’s daily delivery of flowers from Sasuke who says his therapist told him to work somewhere ‘stress free’ for a while.

needless to say this was more stressful than his office job where he was directly supervised by his father and competing on annual report achievements with his brother.

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Mamma Mia


mamma mia // abba

yes, i’ve been brokenhearted
blue since the day we parted
why, why did i ever let you go?



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"Haha you’ll probably name your baby naruto" um no????? Wtf??????? Why would I name a baby after someone they could never even compare to????? Why would I set a baby up for failure like that


Dear Anon that sent me this line, I’m just gonna leave this here.