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     So, I was watching Meet the Robinsons last night and this scene came up, and then this just sort of…happened.

not sure whether i should laugh or be worried

On a scale of Bowler Hat Guy to Elsa how well do you move past bad experiences in your life?

eren jäger

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I will not saydo not weep, for not all tears are an evil.” 

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Parrot caught singing let the bodies hit the floor

I was so done when it whispered…I would shit bricks if I heard that when I got up to get a drink in the middle of the night…

“Let the bodies hit the….FLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR!!!”

oh my god he’s so into it

funny as fuck

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best horse names on wikipedia

you forgot

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To all my friends who are spending time getting better:


I am testing out the SuperBetter website. I have leveled myself to level three in about ten minutes, which has included drinking a glass of water, walking to my mailbox to get my mail, and projecting compassion onto myself, all of which earn you points in the game. In short, it’s a game about healing. The website allows you to create an avatar/identity and lets you choose “quests” to take on for the day, depending on what you’re capable of. So far, completely free. There aren’t even any distracting adds or things I have had to do in order to play. (The app is $4.99, but the website is free.)

While I have limited experience with it, I can already tell that SuperBetter, while helpful now, would have been - in the purest form of the word - invaluable to me a year ago at this time. Before I had six months of group therapy, meditation, and self love under my belt, before I’d looked into the steely face of my own depression and felt its hand in mine on the ride to the ER, before I had any tools whatsoever, I feel like this game would have given me something to shoot for on a daily basis and the solidarity to try. 

Let me urge any followers, friends, or friends of followers, if you are having a hard time, if you are thinking dark thoughts, if you don’t see a way out, if you feel all alone, or if you are unable to think clearly enough at the moment to take care of yourself, please please go to and sign up for free. (This is a management tool. If it’s an emergency and you feel you can’t keep yourself safe, please call emergency response in whatever country you’re in.)

I’m still testing it out, but SuperBetter is something that I feel would have made all the difference to me back then and is still making a big difference now. Feel free to add me as an ally - nox. 


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there was a lizard in the shower so i said hello to it and the person showering next to me was like “hi??” i wasn’t sure whether to carry on the conversation or be like sorry i was talking to a lizard 

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Platypus playtime

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pharell williams and will ferrell have reverse names


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Pharrell, Daft Punk, Kanye

pharell looks like a smug undercover lizard that knows too much